General terms and conditions.

Article 1- Applicability of the conditions These conditions apply if the participant has registered directly or indirectly at Workingdogconsultancy.com, hereinafter referred to as WDC.com, training to follow a training and / or other programs, or participates in another activity from the offer. Article 2- Registration, enrolment and placement An intake form should be completed truthfully and signed and handed in or sent to you. As a result of the content of the intake form, a participant can be refused participation in activities without giving reasons. It is not possible to pay the amount in installments unless agreed upon. In the event of late payment the agreement may be dissolved by WDC.com. The reasonable costs WDC.com has to make in this respect will be at the participant’s expense. Article 4- Time and place of training Following the training program can take place at various locations and times. These will always be agreed upon by telephone, in writing or verbally prior to the training sessions. The preferences of the participants will be taken into account as much as possible. In the event that WDC.com is unable to provide the training at the intended locations and times, WDC.com shall be entitled to determine that all or part of the training will take place at another location or time. The participant should preferably be dressed and present at the agreed location 10 minutes prior to the training. Article 5 – Training programme WDC.com has the obligation, in view of the objective of the training programme, to supervise the participant(s) as well as possible during the training period. Some programmes (bite- and tackle-work) have intensive elements and in some cases can be close to the limits of the workload. WDC.com is not liable for injuries or other damages that participants may incur during or as a result of training.  Article 6- whatever cause, goods belonging to the participant and/or third parties are lost in any way. WDC.com will not be liable when the participant suffers damage in any other way and this damage is due to not following verbal or written instructions, or the physical or mental condition of the participant. WDC.com is not liable when the participant suffers damage in any other way and this damage is due to the incomplete or incorrect completion of the intake form and signed health statement. WDC.com is liable if the aforementioned damage is the result of intent or gross negligence. Article 7- Dissolution, cancellation and de-registration Cancellation by the participant of (a part of) the training course takes place in consultation with WDC.com. Handing over a written statement from his/her doctor can be requested. The training will be resumed at a date to be agreed upon, provided it is within 6 months from the date of the doctor’s statement. The contract fee can not be claimed back unless there is a long-term condition or limitations which makes it impossible to successfully complete the training sessions. WDC.com always works by appointment which is agreed upon in consultation. You can cancel up to 24 hours before the agreed time of the (training) appointment. The (training) appointment can be made up at another time to be agreed. If the participant cancels the (training) appointment or a part thereof within 24 hours before the agreed time of the (training) appointment concerned or does not attend the appointment or part thereof for whatever reason, WDC.com will charge the costs due, or will not deduct the costs due. The (training) appointment in question cannot be rescheduled or made up by the participant. WDC.com reserves the right to cancel a training session in case of dangerous weather conditions such as thunderstorms, extreme heat, snow or black ice.

 Article 8- Rules of conduct when participating in training Without our prior consent, (training) appointments or a part of the (training) appointments may not be followed by anyone other than the person who has registered with WDC.com for the relevant – appointments. The participant shall always inform WDC.com in good time before the start of the (training) appointment. Article 9- Disputes and Applicable Law All agreements between WDC.com and the other party are subject to Dutch law. All disputes resulting from or in connection with agreements between WDC.com and the other party to which these terms and conditions apply and which do not fall under the competence of the magistrate’s court, shall in the first instance be settled by the magistrate’s court in the district where WDC.com has its registered office. This clause shall not affect the right of WDC.com to bring the case before the court that has jurisdiction according to the applicable normal rules of competence.