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About Patrick Petersen

Building a strong bond between the dog and his/ her handler.

Patrick Petersen, professionally working with patrol dogs since 2001, full time teacher/instructor of police patrol dogs since 2008. 

In 2013 started giving annual seminars for working dogs in England and America. Followed courses BKD, ABA, ABA-G, MCC and Kynological instructor. 

Guest teacher for Tinley Academy, Animal trainers Academy and Fountex Company. In recent years I regularly attend SWDI seminars in the field of tracking and detection.

My history

Een klein riviertje met de naam Duden stroomt langs hun huis en voorziet het van de nodige regelialia. Het is een paradijs


With a 20+ years of career in Dutch Police enforcement our company can proudly say that we are a true police man and professional.


Our address

Patrick Petersen
Noordeinde 23
2445 XA Aarlanderveen
The Netherlands

KvK: 82916497


telephone : +31623783879

e-mail : info@workingdogconsultancy.com

website: www.workingdogconsultancy.com


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My trip to Tennessee was a huge adventure and very successful. During my stay there I not only managed to acquire new assignments, but also made valuable new contacts. A highlight of my trip was having the opportunity to teach two classes as a guest of Ronin Dog Training at the K9 Cop Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.This adventure has truly been indescribable. The opportunity to share my knowledge and experience at such a prestigious event was an extraordinary experience, and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.Ronin Dog Training ... Bekijk meerZie minder
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On my way to the k9 Cop Conference 2023.Guess what is going to happen…??… ... Bekijk meerZie minder
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