High quality training & improvement

Training with every aspect of K9 handling. A true improvement.

Always committed

Always deliver more than expected.

Working Dog Consultancy can provide a professional training all around the world and in any condition.

We have years and years of experience with Police Law Enforcement, SWAT, Marine and army training.

We can provide this training on land, water and even in the air.

Why Choose Us

  • How dogs learn, associative learning – non associative learning
  • Life stages of the puppy
  • Fear, aggression, dominance and submission
  • Learning principles, operant and classical conditioning
  • How to start with indication of small articles
  • Stress signals in a dog
  • Bitework in buildings
  • Bitework in and on top of cars
  • Bitework in water
  • Bitework from boats
  • Bitework in public places/discotheques
  • Bitework where the dog is charged for perseverance.
  • Bitework in combination with FX weapons (instructor to be provided by you).
  • Working at heights/repelling with bite work (instructor to be provided by you).
  • Procedure training with dogs, car, shield, plane  etc.
  • Learning decoy work for scenario training.
  • Clicker training.
  • Indication of small articles.
  • Basic detection work.

We work international.

No borders will stop us.

Quality Services

Professional Services

Basic detection work

Learn the fundamental training around the basics.

Biting on vehicles

Train your K9 in the most uncomfortable positions.

K9 all weather conditions

Get your K9 to know any weather condition; snow, rain, cold etc.

We stay up to date

We discover new and innovating products for K9 and his/ her handler.

The personality of a dog

Learn how signal fear, submission and aggression.

Cognitive teaching

Learn the principles and life stages of a K9.

Our Trainer

Creative Mechanics

Nice to meet you

"A true K9 passion I will never lose"

I describe myself as a true lover of the K9 handling.
We can provide you personal and on point training within you needs.

My love for training and handling K9 and training goes beyond you ever can imagine. 

Patrick Petersen

CEO Working dog consultancy

My name is Patrick Petersen, proud owner of Working Dog Consultancy. With years of experience within Dutch Police Force I can call myself a true K9 expert.


Do not hesitate to contact us. A wonderfull companionship might happen!


Our address

Patrick Petersen
Noordeinde 23
2445 XA Aarlanderveen
The Netherlands

KvK: 82916497


telephone : +31623783879

e-mail : info@workingdogconsultancy.com

website: www.workingdogconsultancy.com


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